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UK Manufacturers in the Transport Industry

The UK is well known for its robust and hugely successful automotive industry. If you are a fan of premium luxury cars and fantastic sports automobiles, then you probably are aware that we have the UK to thank for a good number of them. 

Despite major blows over the years to companies of note such as Rover, the automotive industry in the UK is stronger than ever now. The turnaround has in fact been described as an ‘automotive renaissance’ by adopting experts in the Movecorp logistics industry which have enabled back to back processes and just in time deliveries of parts,  showing that against the odds, this manufacturing sector is here to stay. There are endless online resources with information on some of the most reliable car spare parts manufacturers such as Tesla. Here is a look at some top manufacturers of motor vehicles and car spare parts and other accessories in the UK. 

Most Reliable UK Car Manufacturers

One of the most important factors to know about any car is its reliability. So which are the most reliable cars in the UK market? Well several factors come into play including but not restricted to performance, technology, fuel consumption, feel, aesthetics, top speed and others. Different UK manufacturers rate differently when tested against these parameters.

The yearly Driver Power Survey is one the best scores of comparing different cars from different UK manufacturers. It is a great way of testing the performance of any UK made car out here in the real world. Approximately fifty thousand car owners participate in this survey every year. According to this survey, the top five car manufacturers for the year 2016 were:

- Tesla

- Lexus

- Dacia

- Toyota

- Honda 

Categories of Cars Manufactured In the UK

Car manufacturers in the UK fall under various clusters depending on the function and performance of the cars they make. Here are some of these clusters;

Premium and sports – Aston Martin, Bentley, Land Rover, Rolls-Royce, McLaren, Lotus 

Volume car manufacturers – Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Vauxhall Motors and others

Commercial vehicle manufacturers – Alexander Dennis, Leyland Trucks, London Taxis International, Ford, among others

Facts And Figures on Car Manufacturing and Sales in the UK

One in seven newly registered cars in the UK in the year 2015 was a British made car.

The UK exports to over one hundred countries the world over. According to the SMMT or Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, more cars were manufactured in Britain in 2015 than in any previous year with a record 1.5million vehicles being released into the market.  Over 77 per cent of these were shipped out as export, a number considerably higher than that of the previous year 2014. Following the economic recovery in Europe, most of the exports have found demand there boosting returns in Britain.

The diversity presented by UK manufacturing has seen the appetite for British cars growing in various regions all over the world. Some of these regions include the US – 26.5%, Australia – 53%, South Korea – 55%, Turkey – 41% and Japan 35%. 

The Brexit Effect on Car Manufacturing In the UK

Within the first six months of 2016, the UK had already registered an all-time high in terms of sales since the year 2000 but this great news has been cast over by the shadow of the Brexit vote. There is a lot of uncertainty about jobs and even future investments. Britain which has been enjoying a boom in sales in Europe following the economic recovery there is no doubt going to be affected one way or another. Decisions made based on tax free access to the market for example now have to be re-accessed and re-evaluations have to be done.

The Future for Car manufacturers in the UK

As the demand for British made cars increases, so does the demand for British made car components.  Next generation technology is the logical next step for manufacturers in the UK automotive industry. Currently, the world’s best-selling electric vehicle is undoubtedly the Leaf from Nissan, built in Sunderland. 

Organizations such as NAIC have a central goal of enabling the UK to capitalize and focus on major shifts in technology. Such organizations act as a useful link between the UK’s automotive industry and academia. The National Automotive Innovation Centre also aims to address the issues of a lack of skills when it comes to R&D in the UK.


UK car manufacturers are market leaders worldwide with vehicles that are not just functional but also very appealing aesthetically. With what has been called an automotive renaissance happening in Britain, things are only set to get better in the transport industry and consequently for car manufacturers. Investors are eyeing the UK car manufacturing sector, pumping in not just money but also human resource to help UK manufacturers keep up with fast changing technology.

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