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We all want to live a sustainable life and save the environment while saving on unnecessary expenses. On those cold winter nights we want a warm home, and a cool one on hot, summer days without breaking the bank to pay our energy bills. Well, if that is your dream, you need to know more about solar energy.

What Is Solar Energy?

Well, this is simply energy harnessed from the sun through solar panels. These are either thermal or photovoltaic cells that are used to convert sunlight into electricity. This electricity can be stored in batteries then fed into the home’s energy grid, a concept that we have adopted.

Project Operations and Maintenance

Solar energy is an ancient concept. However, over the years, its efficiency has greatly improved, thanks to technological advancement, but you need to keep up with solar panel maintenance. Today, solar power can be used to do pretty much anything in the house as opposed to previous times when it was only used to heat water.

Is Solar Energy Feasible In the UK?

While the UK isn’t exactly one of those countries that are bather in the sunshine, countless homes have satisfactorily relied solely on it. This is because solar panels have the capacity to generate electricity even in cloudy weather. While gloomy weather reduces the generation capacity to as low as 50% resulting in solar panel loss, the cells still produce enough energy to power a home.

Is Planning Permission Needed For an Installation?

Installing solar panels doesn’t need planning permission, generally speaking. However, if you live in a listed building or a conservation area, it is advisable to consult the relevant authorities. Additionally, if the solar panels will be visible from the road, planning permission may be necessary. Therefore, before you start any work, you may need to talk to the local council planning office to understand best practices.

What to Do With Excess Energy

Sometimes in the summer, Solar PV may produce more electricity than you need. This is where the Feed-in Tariff comes into play. This is a government scheme that was introduced to encourage those with green energy to give their excess in exchange for a small token. The aim of the scheme is to harness energy from small scale producers so to improve the national energy grid.

How Do FITs Work

There are 3 main elements of a typical FIT program. These include the following:

The fixed payment

This is a fixed amount of money that is given to you for every kilowatt-hour your system will generate. This is simply referred to as the generation tariff and it currently stands at 4.32p for every kWh for all new installations.

The guarantee

There is a guaranteed price for the surplus electricity that is exported to the national grid (not used onsite). This is what is referred to as the export tariff and is at 4.91p for every kWh.

The total energy bill

Here is the deal; if you are producing your own electricity, you will not need too much from the national grid. This results in lower energy bills

These rates are usually indexed according to the retail prices of the tariff. It is also important to note that green energy installations are usually tax-free. This is in an effort to encourage more homeowners to make the installations.

Are You Allowed To Switch Energy Service Providers

Solar energy is free; if anything, you stand to gain up to 8% from your excess energy. Therefore, can you switch all your energy needs to solar? Well, yes! You can switch all your gas and electricity suppliers and use the solar instead. You can contact us for more information on how to go about it.

FIT rates are subsidies that are paid out by your energy suppliers. Therefore, regardless of your preferences of energy service providers, you’ll still get you your subsidies.

If you switch suppliers, you will still get your subsidy from the original supplier; though your other energy bills will come from another supplier (should you choose to still retain a connection to the national energy grid).

Will the Solar Energy Interfere With My Electricity Supply?

Solar panel installation does not in any way affect your current energy supply quality. You will not even notice the difference! The connection to the national grid is only to help out on those days when your panels cannot produce enough energy. It is like a back-up energy source. You can get more information from us.

Getting Refunds from Energy Service Providers

As you have noted, your energy service provider should refund part of the energy bill. However, sometimes this does not always happen on time. If you are looking for your refund from or any other energy company, you need to can get in touch through their helpline. 

Solar energy is really easy to harness, DO IT NOW!!!

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